Hamerhav's Three Circles


The lead team – their role is to facilitate and advance Hamerhav's primary goal – which is formulating a vision document for the Ethiopian Israeli community. The team's 15 members, consisting of CEOs of social organizations and activists, meet every other week.


The plenum – its role is to assist the lead team in promoting Hamerhav's goal and broadening the sphere of its impact on the community. The plenum, which has about 35 members who are community activists and heads of organizations, convenes once every two months.


Membership in Hamerhav is contingent on endorsing and signing the Founding Document.


The community – a main working assumption underlying the formulation of a vision for the Ethiopian Israeli community is that the community is a partner to the process.  In other words, as part of the process of drafting the vision, Hamerhav members meet with people from the community in a variety of cities and frameworks in order to incorporate their voice in the vision document in an authentic manner. The process is carried out using different, diverse and customized methodologies.


Sheatufim was chosen to be the professional facilitator that accompanies Hamerhav. The facilitation includes professional consultation, with an emphasis on enhancing the systemic thinking of Hamerhav's members, guidance that makes use of special impact sphere tools for conducting complex dialogs and decision-making, management of large group discussions, etc.