The impact sphere


An impact sphere is an action framework for Social CEOs where they can spearhead social impact in their shared social field.

An impact sphere aims to promote and serve a goal that can be achieved when all the social organizations join forces, but is difficult to attain when they act independently of each other.


The activities carried out by an Impact sphere rely on sector awareness, are driven by a personal choice to take part in the sphere, and are founded on the trust existing between the sphere members, which are important foundations that enable the sphere's existence.


The guiding principles underlying an impact sphere –


  • An impact sphere is a long-term framework for shared thinking, coordination, and intra-sector connections pertaining to a common agenda.

  • An impact sphere is a unique platform for becoming closely acquainted with all the players engaged in promoting the social field, creating diverse collaborations, and exchanging information and knowledge in order to enhance the field using its own strengths.

  • An impact sphere is open and advocates broad-based involvement of organizations, groups and people from the social field to the greatest extent possible.

  • The shared activity in an impact sphere is based on reciprocity and safeguarding the autonomy and spiritual assets of each of the organizations that are partner to the sphere.

  • An impact sphere seeks to represent the social field through cross-sector and tri-sector platforms and/or other relevant platforms existing in Israeli society.

  • There is complete coordination between the impact sphere and the accompanying professional facilitator as regards all the initiatives that are undertaken and exist in the social field and in the different domains. The latter also entails respect for a plurality of ideas and the autonomy of the impact sphere as well as the professional facilitator accompanying it.