About Hamerhav



Hamerhav is a civic undertaking that was established at the initiative of CEOs and activists from the Ethiopian Israeli community.  It is their belief that through genuine collaboration it will be possible to promote widespread and comprehensive impact on the Ethiopian Israeli community and Israeli society, and achieve goals that are unattainable when the organizations or activists act independently of each other.


Hamerhav's goal: Formulating a vision document for the Ethiopian Israeli community through a communal involvement process – a process in which the community shapes its future image – on its own.


The shared vision document will serve as a 'beacon' towards which the community seeks to advance in the coming years. It will also constitute a platform where decisions pertaining to the community's future are made by stakeholders and policymakers.


Hamerchav's mission: is to serve as a forum that initiates and impacts issues affecting the future of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


Hamerchav began its work in May 2014 after Sheatufim was chosen to be the professional facilitator that accompanies the process.